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Open Data Policy

The purpose of this policy:

The purpose of this policy is to clarify policies on open data on the website of the Federal transport Authority.

What are the conditions for the use of open data for the Federal transport Authority?

  • Any Person has the right to use this data, save, and re-deployed.
  • When using any of these data should be noted that it should be noted that the source is the Federal transport Authority. And to maintain the ownership of the body of the data and the credibility and validity of the source.
  • User data is not allow to modify any of the data, whether in order to discredit the one hand or over-stated results
  • This data should not be used for political purposes or to support illegal activity or criminal or used in a racist or discriminatory comments or negative impact on the culture or equality or incitement or any activity that is irregular or contrary to our traditions and values of Arab and Islamic.
  • Federal transport Authority is responsible considered at all for any damages directly or indirectly, may arise from the use or inability to use this open data, including without limitation loss of revenue or loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data or any other damages.
  • Open data to the official website of the Federal Authority land and sea transport user acknowledges his use of the data on your shoulder and body does not assume any liability that may result to third parties.
  • The electronic version of the documents, the Commission published in the official website for the purposes of purely informational, Federal Transport Authority is not responsible for all warranties and conditions with regard to any of those data.

Responsibility of the Federal Transport Authority:

Federal Transport Authority put this data in its official website for use by the public, but this does not mean lack of acceptance to the observations made by the audience.

The responsibility of the user:

User data is to be responsible for the use of open and save data and re-use and should not result in the re-use of this data to any linguistic or numerical errors related to the content and data reliability.

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