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Second Briefing on Development of Maritime Status and 2018 UAE Ranking in Global Maritime Transport

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Balheif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime (FTA) praised the development of the maritime status and the UAE ranking in the world maritime transport in 2018 by announcing the results of the report made by Menon International Economic Corporation and the international classification company DNGL to report on updating the latest indicators and classifications, which determine the performance ratings of the leading maritime countries and provide information on the world's leading maritime countries 2018. This came during the second briefing of the FTA within the framework of the federal government's efforts to promote and adopt the best practices of government communication and to achieve greater openness, cooperation and direct communication with the local media because of its important role in highlighting the achievements of the government and delivering the observations and suggestions about its services to the public.

Today, during the briefing held at the Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi Hotel, H.E. the Minister praised the directives of the wise leadership towards establishing a culture of continuous communication between the federal authorities and the society in all its categories, institutions and individuals, stressing that the system of periodic briefings will push forward the level of their dealings with the media and the public alike.


H.E. the Minister said that the UAE has been ranked 14th globally in the most of maritime indicators, classifications and KPIs in the global maritime transportation industry by announcing the results of the report by the Menon International Economic Corporation and the international classification company DNGL to report on updating the latest indicators and classifications, which determine the performance ratings of the leading maritime countries and provide information on the world's leading maritime countries 2018. The newly issued report draws on the 2017 report, which indicates to the focus and availability of the world's leading maritime capital in 2017 available for maritime investment in these countries. The newly issued report of 2018 shifted the focus from capital availability to a comprehensive review of the potential of these countries in the maritime industry at the national level.


H.E. the Minister added that this report has determined the ranks of countries in its development of indicators of the maritime transport industry compared to all countries of the world. This ranking was adopted in depth on a wide range of indicators related to maritime capabilities and performance. This research aimed to provide a comprehensive perspective for countries influencing the development of future profiles of the transport industry, and influencing the type of future international maritime activities in the world. It presented a clearer picture of stakeholders and investments in the global maritime industry to enable them to have a better vision of the latest developments and trends in global maritime transportation.


His Excellency Dr. Al Nuaimi said, that the report presented an objective study of the analysis of the global situation of the various maritime countries, using a comprehensive reference framework; as the results of the report are an indicator, which reflects the overall level of development of countries, and an accumulated indicator over several decades, which reflects - to some extent - the economic growth of these countries.


During the briefing, His Excellency also added that the presence of many small, high-income economies among the top ten countries in the field of maritime transport indicates the critical importance of the success of measures and policies of the maritime institutions in the regulating, controlling and managing the maritime assets efficiently, including investment optimization, which indicates a high value based on the development of research, development, innovation and higher education in maritime transport. At the national level, the result was more interesting and attracting than the study and the report, taking into consideration, that it is natural for large developed countries to be ranked first in correlation with the size of the national economy. Furthermore, these countries have adopted a comparative study approach similar to that of the survey, which fully illustrates the maritime performance of different countries.


His Excellence stressed the importance of the report, that it would be useful to a large number of stakeholders in maritime investment in a country to think about using its results as a catalyst, and as a common basis for the development of their own rules, determining their directions and ambitions, building their strategies and policies in the development of maritime transport and maximize its potential and economic returns and raise the proportion participation in total national income in the future.


The report relied on five indicators to measure the maritime development of all countries and based on the definition of maritime industry, such as The sector, which constitutes all enterprises or companies that own, operate, design, build or rehabilitate ship crews, sell or receive equipment or provide specialized services for all types of ships and other naval units. The five key groups are Maritime transportation and navigation companies, Maritime finance and law, Maritime Technology, Ports and logistics, Handling volume of container.

The importance of this study was emphasized in drawing future directions for the development of the maritime transport industry globally and through the observations, indicators, classifications, and rankings, which worked to determine the ranks of the leading maritime countries.

The ranking of the United Arab Emirates in the various indicators in this report for 2018 is as follows: Maritime transportation and navigation companies ranked 20th at the global and navigation level, Maritime finance and law ranked 23rd globally, the Maritime Technology ranked 30th globally, Ports and logistics ranked 4th globally and The volume of container handling ranked third globally.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE has also occupied several advanced ranks worldwide in the total maritime indicators, classifications and key performance levels in the activities of the global maritime transportation industry through the announcement of the results of several reports by several international organizations. Annual Report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development SeaTrade International Magazine.  




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