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UAE set to run for second term in IMO Council

The UAE is all set to field its candidacy for a second term for Category B membership of the International Maritime Organisation Council, whose elections are slated for November 29th in London. The UAE was the first Arab nation to win Category B membership of the IMO Council in 2017. The win was the triumphant result of an election that included nominees from 11 leading countries in the international marine trade sector, such as Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, France and Australia. "The UAE is committed to the principles and mechanisms of security and safety in the maritime sector," said Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land & Maritime.

''Our ambition goes beyond the IMO council to the IMO's leadership as the UAE is the most competent and able Asian and Arab country in Category B. Our officials are capable of running the IMO efficiently,'' he affirmed.

Strong infrastructural and legal responses have seen the UAE emerge as a shipping capital for the whole region over the past years, with several infrastructure developments expected to boost the country's maritime sector, which already accounts for 30-35 percent of the total regional maritime sector investments.

Al Nuaimi added: "Our accomplishments, specifically in maritime traffic and transportation infrastructure, reflect the UAE’s positioning as an innovative maritime hub. This file will be presented during the forthcoming meeting in London and we are confident that winning Category B membership of the IMO Council anew will add value to the global maritime industry because of the UAE's international standing in the industry. Winning would enable the country to contribute effectively to the development of international laws and regulations and help enhance the role of the maritime sector at the regional and international levels."


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