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UAE participates in the maritime ambassadors meeting

UAE participated in the virtual meeting of the Goodwill Ambassadors, which was held in the world, in the presence of His Excellency Kitak Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and included 39 maritime ambassadors belonging to 22 countries and four organizations working in the maritime sector.

Dr.Aysha albusmait the manager of Gov.Dept in Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime and the UAE Goodwill Ambassador in the International Maritime Organization: We discussed during the meeting the importance of promoting the role of workers in the vital marine sector in providing food and medicine supplies in conjunction with the fight against the Corona virus "Covid 19" and the importance of offering gender balance and support Women in the maritime sector, and the vital role of maritime ambassadors in defining the importance of this sector was also discussed. She added: The ambassadors participating in the virtual meeting recommended supporting workers in the maritime sector and highlighting their efforts because they work at their full potential in the first grades and spare no effort in a difficult time when they increased The importance of the efforts of the maritime sector and the efforts of its employees during the Covid 19 crisis.


She continued: The role of maritime ambassadors is based on intentions for a goodwill in the International Maritime Organization to encourage young people to engage in work and study in maritime academies, support women in the maritime sector, and educate society in the vital maritime sector, where it is the second largest economy after oil


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