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The United Arab Emirates supports the International Maritime Organization In achieving a barrier-free work environment for women in the marine sector

In support of the slogan adopted by the organization in 2019 "Empowering Women in the Maritime Society" as well as in completion of Resolution A.1147 (31) that the UAE participated in preparing last year and was approved by the International Maritime Organization Association entitled "Preserving the legacy of the global maritime logo for 2019 and achieving an environment A work free from obstacles for women in the maritime sector "A number of countries, including the United Arab Emirates, continue this work and urged the member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to take more measures in the coming years to enhance gender balance in the maritime sector and contribute to support On one hand, the association’s decision, as well as achieving the fifth goal of the United Nations sustainable Development Goals 2030.

In order to continue this work and in light of the current conditions, Mr. / Mohamed Khamis Al-Kaabi, the permanent representative of the state to the International Maritime Organization participated in several video “remote” meetings to set the initial vision to achieve the desired goal of this decision, where it was agreed, in principle, On preparing a road map that includes a proposal to establish an open-ended communication network for all member states and observers in the organization to be a forum and communication platform for exchanging ideas, information and best practices aimed at achieving gender balance and enhancing women's participation in the marine sector.

 The organization also encourages its members and related subsidiary bodies to consider the importance of gender balance, including the promotion of a safe environment for women in the marine sector, and to integrate these considerations into its work. He urged governments, maritime administrations and the private sector to remove obstacles to women by identifying and overcoming existing restrictions in all aspects of the marine sector.

 especially employment, training, capacity building, technical cooperation and promotions, so that all women can participate fully and safely in all activities of the maritime community In addition to enhancing efforts to collect data related to women's participation in the marine sector and analysing it, identifying gaps and developing policies aimed at removing barriers and increasing women's participation in this sector and emphasizing the importance of communication in the organization to enhance the goals adopted by the International Maritime Organization through regular meetings and the development of concrete initiatives on Empowerment of women as well as gender equality in the organization and in the entire maritime community based on open dialogue and broader participation among all members.


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