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E-Participation Policy

Federal Transport Authority, believes in the principle of encouraging opinion and acceptance of proposals from the public, and looking for the utmost satisfaction of customers, and affirms the principle of full transparency in decisions and policies. By allowing everyone to communicate with FTA, presents their ideas and suggestions in a professional and civilized manner, in order to reach together for constructive participation.

Therefore Federal Transport Authority considered activating e-participation via its website through a number of ways: via survey, questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction, discussion forum and comment on some of the contents of the site, pages on social networking sites and direct contact with staff of the Authority during the official working hours.

We would like to hear from you, what could help us to develop services at Federal Transport Authority in general, specifically e-services and the presentation of proposals and contribute to relevant topics. Tell us about your experience with the electronic services provided by the Federal Transport Authority in United Arab Emirates.Do you have comments and opinions on how to develop services of Federal Transport Authority?


Our primary target is to find an appropriate mechanism for dialogue and interaction with our customers in particular and website visitors in general, to listen to their opinions and to receive complaints and suggestions.

Our commitment

Federal Transport Authority is committed to receive your contributions, study them and respond to well thought answers all the care and attention when these were notes or proposals related to policies and services provided by the Authority. We expect you to act with responsibility to refrain from giving opinions or remarks or comments unrelated to the content topics for discussion or inappropriate or incompatible to the laws, and will be deleted the messages off immediately and excluded from the study and response.

Terms and Conditions

Your Use and contribution to the website are subject to the website terms and conditions.

Gathering feedback

E-participation tools will be used to discuss the suggestions, ideas and comments of the public in various topics. The participant will be able to read all the publish comments.

Monitoring feedback

Federal Transport Authority reserves the right to monitor the feedback and follow up some of the views and responses periodically, however FTA shall not be obligated to monitor and interact with every post. Further, FTA reserves the right to delete or edit the postings that violates the terms and conditions of the site.

Discussion duration

Federal Transport Authority will determine the duration, in which, public will be able to post their opinions and suggestions. After the expiry of the period specified, topics will be archived, and public will no longer be able to send any new comments or participate in the archived topics. However, the Authority reserves the right to re-open previously discussed topics, and allow further participation and feedback if necessary.

Uses of views

Federal Transport Authority maintains the rights to use the collected feedback to help in in developing policies, plans, and decision-making. Therefore Federal Transport Authority has the right to act and re-publish the results the way FTA sees it fit.

Important Note

Federal Transport Authority and Its employees will not be legally liable for comments posted on its eParticipation channels.

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