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Director General’s Message

I am pleased that our beloved country begins in 2020, the year of preparing for the next fifty years to welcome you to the website of the Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime, to highlight through it the definition of the Authority, its strategy, tasks and goals within the limits of its competencies in addition to its accomplishments, activities, activities and services that it provides to its customers and strategic partners.

What the United Arab Emirates seeks among the countries of the world in all fields came the vision of our wise leadership represented by His Highness Sheikh / Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan - President of the UAE "may God protect him" and His Highness Sheikh / Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai “may God protect him” and their brothers the rulers of the Emirates, by establishing the Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime in 2006, and it has the task of organizing and managing the affairs of the maritime, land and rail transport sectors In the country, the Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime has made great strides in proposing to complete public policies, draft laws, regulations, and organizational decisions and everything that facilitates the provision of services for the smooth organization of land and maritime transport matters.

which has resulted in the issuance of many laws and legislations Decisions that establish a corporate governance system to create an environment for transparency in business and enhances investor confidence and highlight the UAE of the world globally in raising the efficiency of the maritime and land transport sectors and ensuring its sustainability in addition to establishing the legislative and regulatory system for rail transport in the country and integration with the system and legislative railways of these GCC countries in addition to Projects or a proposal to join international agreements related to the competence of the commission and to represent the UAE in international and regional conferences that would highlight its status and achievements in the field of transportation in international forums.

To thank our strategic partners from the public and private sectors for their cooperation and interaction with the initiatives of the authority and their active participation in all activities and events organized or sponsored by them, believing in the importance of the role of the authority and their conviction of the importance of joint efforts that reflect the aspirations of our leadership and our rational government and the strategic goals of the economic vision to achieve the vision of the UAE 2021 and prepare for its fifty The coming years of the Emirates government becoming one of the best governments in the world in terms of services provided to members of society and making the Emirates one of the best places in the world to live and invest as well, I thank my brothers and sisters, the family of the FTA for their efforts and hard work to improve the performance of the commission and the quality of its services. I also wish you all success,,,,

ENG. Ahmed Mohamed Sharif Al-khoori

General Manager

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