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Board Members

Members Name Job title
His Highness Sheikh Diab bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
head of DOT
Air Force Corner/fares khalaf almazrouie
Head of the Protection of vital installations and coasts
H.E.Eng.matar mohamed altayer General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority
H.E.eng yousif bin saleh alsuiji Head of the Roads and Transport Authority
H.E.ahmed mohamed alhamadi Director of the Department of Works and General Services
H.E.mohamed abuosaiba Director General of the Federal Customs Authority
H.E.mohamed alshamsi CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports Company
H.E. amer ali Executive Director of Dubai Maritime Authority
H.E.nadia musalam Advisor to the Minister in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development
H.E. yaqoub abdulla Representative of the Department of Maritime Ports and Customs

The Federal Transport Authority was established in accordance with:

The Federal Law No. (1) of 2006- Article (4) “A public entity called the National Transport Authority of independent corporate personality and independent budget is established and it shall be liable to carry on the activities as entrusted to it by the Cabinet”.

The Cabinet resolution No.(52) of 2006 delegating the following disciplines mentioned below to the Authority.

◦To propose the general policies, bill laws and regulations on marine services, land transport in coordination with the competent authorities and to supervise implementation of the same.

◦To ensure compliance of the overseas navigation regulations with the international standards applicable by the States in general and to take the necessary procedures to apply the same.

◦To propose maps of the roads connecting the Emirates with other adjacent States including the land access points in coordination with the competent federal and local authorities.

◦To develop the rules regulating navigation in the State ports for good traffic and provision of the proper marine facilities and to develop programs for maintenance the land roads inside the ports and promoting their services, in agreement and coordination with the local competent authorities.

◦To put in use the various land transport lines between the State and the neighboring countries.

◦To issue all the licenses, permits and certificates on the navigation and the international sea and land transport services between the Emirates and to specify the issuance conditions and collection of the prescribed taxes, fees and rates.

◦To develop the overseas navigation rules particularly the nationality conditions, registration rules and flag fixing and the powers by the State on the ships carrying its flag and rules for the good navigation conditions and safety of people and to have the ship equipped with the necessary systems for avoiding accidents and to maintain its communications means.

◦To draw the plans necessary for organization and improvement of the land and sea transport means between the Emirates for easy and developed transport.

◦To submit the suggestions necessary for developing the federal roads construction works within the prescribed discipline.

◦To represent the State in the international and regional conferences relevant to the Authority’s discipline.

◦To prepare projects or propose joining the international treaties in connection to the Authority’s discipline.

◦Any other disciplines assigned to the Authority under any law or resolutions passed by the Cabinet.

•The Authority assiduously works in 2008 to have a fundamental and noble rule in the traffic awareness to minimize the crush accidents and traffic congestion in agreement and coordination with the local and federal competent authorities.

Our ValuesWe, National Transport Authority, refer to the matrix of our common values which shall we shall continuously refer to and be our source of revelation and the solid base for our plans, policies and resolutions •

•Credibility and Transparency: We support institutional fairness, transparency and accountability and promote trust and credibility in the work environment.

•Teamwork: We promote teamwork practices. Our slogan is: ‘We did, not I did.’

•Corporate Loyalty: We reinforce the concepts of corporate loyalty and deepen the culture of loyalty and sincerity.

•Focus on Customers: We clearly understand the needs of customers and seek to provide world-class standards and services that fulfill and exceed our customers’ expectations.

•Creativity and Excellence: We believe that excellence is fundamental, not optional, and we seek to apply the best creativity based practices and methodologies.

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